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New materials industry within the scale of up to 2 trillion yuan

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Automobile manufacturing, housing doors and windows, 3D print materials, artificial joints, artificial crystals and other biomedical materials are from the plastic ... ... traditional plastic is to environmental protection, high performance and other aspects to seek a breakthrough, and promote a number of industry transformation and upgrading, subverting the people in the past Difficult to degradation, high pollution impression.
Asia's largest international rubber and plastics exhibition in 2015 May 20-23 in Guangzhou kicked off. Reporters learned from the exhibition, in the electronic information, biomedical, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent transportation in the ascendant new areas, will be functional, lightweight, miniaturization, green new materials demand; In this case, the promotion of plastics in various fields to speed up the green low-carbon environmental protection has become the industry trend.
Green plastic upgrade is the epitome of the rapid development of new materials applications. According to the "new materials industry," second five "development plan", China's new materials industry, "second five" average annual growth rate is expected to more than 25% by 2015, the whole industry will reach 2 trillion yuan, Five "at the end of three times.
New material technology and nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology integration, structure and function integration, functional materials, intelligent trend is obvious, low-carbon materials, green, renewable and other environmentally friendly features of environmental concern.
Plastic frame interior weight loss and low carbon
Foreign car brands now have large-scale use of plastic composites and high-performance engineering plastics
"This is the first large-scale production of carbon fiber models." A body structure and framework made entirely of carbon fiber reinforced plastic BMW i3 attracted a lot of people come to visit, black roof, silver-gray frame in addition to Out of a cool, the high-performance plastic can not only reduce vehicle weight, from the environmental effects, can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
"Car seats are all plastic, with composite materials instead of metal, weight reduction than traditional seats by 20%." BASF China Shen Jiahong told reporters.
On-site experts, automotive lightweighting is mainly reflected in the optimization of automotive design, alloy materials and non-metallic materials applications, followed by the car's lightweight weight loss of 10% to 15%, 30% to 40%, 45% to 55%.
In fact, a high degree of attention to reduce the carbon footprint has become the consensus of the automotive industry, a few days ago, the Ministry of Industry issued "automotive hazardous substances and recyclability management requirements (draft)" means that industry "green" development tone will be further strengthened.
The "requirements" that the automobile manufacturing enterprises as the main responsibility for pollution control, should actively carry out ecological design, the use of reasonable structure and functional design, select the non-toxic harmless or low toxicity of green materials and easy to dismantle, Of the components, the application of high resource utilization, environmental pollution, easy to recycling green manufacturing technology.
Plastic materials have a lower carbon footprint than glass and metals because of their lighter weight. China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Zheng Kai, engineering plastics and other non-metallic materials, "weight loss" effect is obvious, more and more car parts began to use metal instead of engineering plastics.
It is reported that developed countries will be the amount of automotive plastic as a measure of the level of automotive design and manufacture of an important indicator of the amount of each vehicle plastic from the 90s of last century, 100 ~ 130kg increased to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006, Is 230kg, the current consumption of the largest German cars, vehicle materials accounted for more than 15%. Experts predict that by 2020, the average vehicle plastic consumption will likely reach 500kg / vehicles, or more than 1/3 of the vehicle materials.
Many experts also said that foreign brands have now large-scale use of plastic composite materials and high-performance engineering plastics, and domestic brands in the plastic composite materials on the application (weight proportion) is relatively small. This also reflects our vehicle lightweight technology level to be improved.
The use of plastic building materials can be non-toxic cycle
Insulation plastic building materials in the United States, Japan and other countries on the application of the building is already very mature, good energy saving effect. Scale application in China has just begun, the future development of a huge space
The plastic and wood powder mixed by a certain percentage, the hot extrusion molding of the output sheet, can be used for furniture, ceilings and so on. "This wood-plastic composite material is not only higher than the wood durability, but also save the wood can be recycled, benzene and other formaldehyde-free harmful substances."
From Qingdao, a plastic machinery company to carry its latest research and development of wood-plastic furniture board equipment exhibitors, the reporter saw its direct extrusion of the home plate with a pattern, do not need to follow-up part.
According to the manufacturers, the product is formaldehyde-free, fire moisture, no pests, can directly replace the existing plywood market, and can be recycled.
"Green building promotion, driving the development of these energy-saving environmental protection building materials and related manufacturing technology." Building experts, in accordance with the promulgation of the "Green Building Action Plan" to require the old energy-saving targets to 200 yuan per square meter Transformation of the standard meter, building energy-saving materials market capacity of up to 2.6 trillion yuan in the future.
The increase in the application of plastic in building materials is one of the trends of environmental protection and energy saving of building materials.
According to the organizers of the exhibition, plastic building materials is following the iron and steel, wood, cement, emerging after the fourth-class new base materials. In recent years, China's industry average annual growth rate of more than 15%, more than 30% of the region using a new type of plastic pipe, some provinces and cities have reached 90%; northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia and some cities and towns, more than 40% Residential use of plastic doors and windows; Qingdao, Dalian, more than 80% of the new residential use of plastic windows.
"Today, plastic building materials in the construction industry and urban construction in the contribution made by more and more." Industry experts, such as the polyurethane insulation materials, for example, the use of 1 cubic meter of the material, a year to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 270 kg. According to 1 year consumption of 1 million tons of polyurethane insulation material calculation, a year to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 7 million tons. By 2030, building energy-saving insulation treatment, will make the greenhouse gas emissions to reach 5.6 billion tons.
"The insulation plastic building materials in the United States, Japan and other countries on the application of the building is already very mature, good energy saving effect in China's large-scale application has just begun, the future development of a huge space." China Plastics Association of Polyurethane Products, Lin Yongfei said.
3D printing
Degradable plastics into the new darling
The use of environmentally friendly plastic 3D printing can also achieve localization of production, reduce transportation needs, customers do the design, you can print out the local needs of the product, reducing long-distance transport needs and greenhouse gas emissions
Exquisite handicrafts, glasses can be printed out, and the use of biodegradable plastic. Reporters in Guangdong Jubilee Technology Co., Ltd. booth to see two 3D printers were surrounded, the staff demonstrated the computer's three-dimensional image data sent to the 3D printer, the printer contains liquid or powder and other "print materials" After the connection with the computer, according to the three-dimensional image data, "print materials" layer upon layer together, made into a real object.
"The use of 3D printing material is almost no waste, both cost savings, but also bring environmental benefits." The company's 3D printing division sales engineer Su Guanwang said. He pointed to a variety of colors placed next to the wire told reporters, 3D printing of the material is critical, it determines the value of the production of environmental protection. "PLA biodegradable wire," the degradation rate of 90%, and print out the plastic products, if you do not need to use, can be landfill and other treatment, the degradation time will need to be determined according to the landfill of the humidity.
It is noteworthy that, in the entire 3D printing process, the reporter did not smell the traditional plastic processing process pungent unpleasant odor, but smelled like a fragrance of corn. PLA is a natural corn extract that can be used in food packaging materials and medical suture lines. If you use PLA to print out a cup, you can also use it to drink water . "Su Guanwang explained to reporters the environmental characteristics of PLA non-toxic.
It is understood that the use of environmentally friendly plastic 3D printing can also achieve localization of production, reduce transportation needs, customers do the design, you can print out the local needs of products, reducing long-distance transport needs and greenhouse gas emissions.
Not only for 3D printing, raw materials, green environmental protection as many plastic raw material suppliers to pursue the goal, and gradually through the certification system to establish traceable channels.
At this international rubber and plastics exhibition, a well-known foreign-funded enterprises to launch another sustainable initiatives - eco-label. At present, the label has been in the enterprise business units in the comprehensive promotion. Eco-labeling includes a sustainability assessment consisting of 36 criteria that take full account of social responsibility, product performance and environmental protection. The products that are certified for this sustainability label are highly differentiated, but eco-label products are designed to help customers increase product sustainability without compromising product performance. "At present, we have 80% of the products were reviewed, 50 of these products marked the eco-label." The company executives said.
Higher costs affect business choice
China is the world's plastics consumption, exports of plastic products, plastic machinery production and sales of the first country.
"However, the current per capita consumption of plastic products in China is still below the global average, the Chinese market has great growth potential." The scene of a foreign chemical market person in charge told the author.
"However, in the Chinese market, the cost is also very important considerations, most manufacturers in the choice of materials, tend to the lowest price to create the product out." Turning to the new energy-saving materials in the Chinese market promotion bottleneck , BASF special materials business unit Asia-Pacific region, said Jian-Feng Lou, vice president.
According to industry insiders, some low value-added products, the popularity of its new plastic materials is not smooth. Degradable plastics to encounter such a dilemma. "In the beverage and food packaging industry, the demand for packaging materials is 67 million tons per year, and most of the packaging materials poses a serious threat to the ecological environment, so promoting biodegradable plastics has become a top priority.
"The market price of biodegradable plastics is 2-3 times the price of ordinary plastic products, if the successful sale of the profit level of 10%, while the ordinary level of profit in the plastic 1% -3%, and in this case, degradable Plastic is currently selling a large resistance, high cost, large capital occupied, the lower the acceptability of the poor is the primary reason. Manufacturers have pointed out that, at the same time, biodegradable plastics have a certain shelf life, if the enterprise sales sluggish, the loss of business risk. Enterprises into the cost and profit considerations, which makes the degradable plastics is still in the promotional stage,
In the compulsory industries, such as disposable cups, lunch boxes, knives and forks and other household plastic products in the food and beverage industry, the use of degradable plastics is relatively high, while the industrial and agricultural use of biodegradable plastics is low .
Lou Jianfeng suggested that from the perspective of sustainable development of enterprises, look at the material, the enterprise on the one hand it should see whether it meets the performance requirements and environmental requirements, on this basis, to find a reasonable material and processing technology, A slight increase in input costs, the product can be sold several times the price, why not? "
"Low-carbon environmental protection, can be 100% recycling, long-term products can reduce the cost of 20% -30%, Haier new materials in 2014 sales reached 1.1 billion." Haier New Materials Marketing Director Li Pengjun said, The target increase for 2015 will be 10%. At the same time, he disclosed the company will strengthen the research and development of new materials, from the total revenue allocation of more than 3% as the cost of research and development, engineering plastics used in research and development, high reliability and safety materials and low VOC environmental materials, Haier new materials to electronics, Automotive, construction and other fields.
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